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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I BUY NOW and PAY LATER?
    Absolutely you can with "PAYPAL Pay in 4". Just go through the checkout as normal and it will give you the option to "Pay in 4 with PAYPAL".
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    - We accept Paypal credit cards online. You can pay with PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. - PAYPAL Pay in 4 ( Buy NOW pay later). - Credit card over the phone (VISA AND MASTERCARD). - Cash in the studio.
  • Where do the flowers come from?
    We grow the majority of the flowers ourselves and bring them into town. When we need more, we order from a few other farms located close to Bathurst.
  • Why don't you have a shopfront?
    The majority of our orders are to be delivered and we don't need a shopfront.
  • If I want to pickup my order where do I go?
    Pickups are from 2 Merrick Cl Kelso Bathurst NSW 2795.
  • Where else can I pick-up "Bathurst Flower Farm" bouquets?
    Kelso Trinity IGA Windradyne Westpoint IGA
  • The candle that arrived in my order was different to the picture. Can I ask Why?
    Any "Extras" and included items that are not available will be replaced with either another similar item to the same or greater value.
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